24 November 2009

Vitamin Water [Lemonade]

This drink was actually being given out as promotional free sample to passersby at a train station. Although I have seen this drink in various shops, I’ve never actually tried it before.
The concept is that it is a lemonade drink which also gives you a burst of select vitamins too, mostly at 25% of the recommended daily dose. I sort of expected it to have no added sugar as well, in order to keeps its calories down, but it did not. As the bottle contained 95 calories in total I guess it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.
The flavour was pleasant, but wasn’t as zingy as I would have liked, but it did taste natural which was nice. It was refreshing just without the sharp oomph that lemons have the potential to provide.
I don’t take vitamin tablets as such, but there are days when I am quite sure that I don’t have all of my ‘five-a-day’, so this drink would provide a reassuring top up. A pleasant thirst-quenching drink, with added health benefits too!

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