14 November 2009

Frijj – Hot(!) Chocolate Fudge Brownie Drink (Sainsbury’s)

Frijj Chocolate Brownie Milkshake has been out a fair while now, but the packaging caught my eye as it has changed a bit. It now suggests that you serve the drink hot, having zapped the contents in the Microwave. Sadly the bottle isn’t microwave friendly, which seems like a missed opportunity to me. Having said that it wasn’t too difficult to pour the liquid into two mugs and heat! There are 500ml in the bottle and a regular sized mug holds 250ml, so there is just enough for two.
Two minutes later and I removed the drinks from the microwave and was surprised that they looked a lot thinner that when they went in. I was impressed by the taste, the drink was absolutely gorgeous. It was full of flavour, lovely chocolate and nicely defined brownie and fudge. I am one of those people with a very sweet tooth, who always fancies a hot chocolate that pretty much tastes strong enough to be liquid chocolate, and I think I may have found it. Yes there is the added fudge brownie taste, but the whole drink is just yummy. Despite being sceptical about the concept of heating a milkshake, to say I am pleasantly surprised by the results must be the understatement of the year.


  1. One for the shopping list, we love a nice warm drink.

    On a side note where has the best selection of advent calendars this year? The death of Woolworth's has left a gap in the market!

  2. Well I've just done my online grocery shop and added another couple of bottles of this fine stuff to it! Looking forward to it too... mmm...

    NLi10 I think the best place for advent calanders this year seems to be the supermarkets.
    I will check out the department stores on Saturday and report back... and also launch an exciting Advent Calendar project that I'm hoping people will join in with! Watch this space! :-)

  3. Tried this today (bought from Tesco), really nice and works much better than I expected. Won't be to everyone's taste but I'd buy again.

  4. Tried microwaving it just as it said on the side of the bottle and it did not go well. I hardly filled the mug up yet it still managed to over flow, smelt like baby sick so I tipped it down the sink and the mixture was purple. This happened to anyone else? I think I'll just stickto drinking it cold.

  5. Anon - wow... I've had several of these now, and each one has been yummy. You must have just had a dodgy one. You should write to Frijj and let them know, hopefully you'd get your money back.

    DavidH - these are my new fave hot choc, such a lovely full flavour drink.

  6. I just tried this today. It was great except that I realised towards the end that Frijj is thick because it's chemically thickened. And suddenly, the idea of drinking hot chemical thickener wasn't so appealing.

  7. Just tried this and I must admit, I was sceptical.

    However, it was absolutely delicious! In fact, that word doesn't cut it, to say I was beyond impressed would be an understatement. The only thing I didn't like about it, was that the milk went somewhat stringy and had a film if left for a couple of minutes. This can be solved if you just keep a teaspoon in the mug and stir it every now and again. Not a big price to pay for an exceptionally beautiful drink - especially with these winter seasons coming up!


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