18 November 2009

Terry’s Chocolate Orange [Melt In The Middle] Puddings (Asda)

I may sound a little picky, but one of the things that bothers me with a dessert like this is the packaging. They always come in a plastic pot with a clear sheet sealing the top. I have a slightly irrational dislike of this style packaging for fear that the clear sheet won’t just pull off, and I will end up with plastic in my meal. I have a similar fear of yoghurt pots, so I know I must be in a minority!
Anyway, if you do share my feelings you will be pleased to know that the clear plastic came away neatly, phew, I did not have to resort to a knife! I just wanted to give the makers an extra bonus point in my write up for this! :-)
These puddings can be oven baked or zapped in the microwave for a quick dessert, although I opted for the oven. I thought that the sponge was soft and sweet and that the sauce inside was a lovely touch adding the required moisture. The flavours of rich chocolate and sweet fruity orange mingle well and make for a lovely pudding. I served these exactly as they came, and I really liked it without anything else. However the other two people that tried them with me said they would have liked custard, as they felt the puddings needed something.
I felt that these made a nice tasty dessert, but it might be worthwhile stocking up on some cream or custard to serve them with, just in case.

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