8 November 2009

Chunsi Udon Noodles {via @Nli10} (Yum Yum Worcester)

Decent Udon noodles are another one of those things that only the restaurants seem to have. Wagamamma customers will know them as the big fat white noodles that are reminiscent of a very square-sided worm, but I suspect they make their own. When fried after boiling so they are slightly crispy and taste amazing.
While Tesco used to stock a Yutaka straight to wok variety that fit the bill (which can now only be bought at Selfridges it seems) these days I've only found the flatter dried noodles in even the Asian supermarkets.
This particular variety does fatten up quite nicely when cooked and in conjunction with beef and some of the eastern sauces available in the supermarket, it made an excellent side. Each bunch of noodles is a generous portion for one person and with the increased amount of meat & leafy greens I served was easily enough for two.

I'll certainly buy these again, but the search for a dried fat Udon noodle continues.

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