25 November 2009

Wonka Tinglerz (House of Fraser)

This is an import chocolate product, manufactured by Nestle, which has made its way into my local branch of House of Fraser. I have to say department stores seem to be getting better and better at stocking more interesting goodies from around the world.
The product consists of bits of chocolate, which crackle heavily when eaten. On top of the popping-candy contents, there are also bits of rice crispy in there too, which add to the texture and the crunch. The milk chocolate isn’t of the highest quality, but it does the job and delivers a nice cocoa taste, and the product if fun and enjoyable. One thing though, do not try a handful at once... let’s just say I’ve learnt from my experience, and I thought my mouth was going to do more than ‘tingle’! ;-)


Unknown said...

You do love the popping candy don't ya! I reviewed these a while back and wasn't a great fan - I am glad to see you liked them though! They can at least claim to be unique :D

Dreich said...

I'm pretty sure these used to be in normal shops in the UK but with a different name. I remember eating a few at school anyway.

cinabar said...

Jim - Popping candy is ace!

Dreich - I remember popping candy as a kid, but not chocolate coated stuff. Would have loved it, but it never made it to my area.