23 November 2009

Anthon Berg - Chocolate Coffee Drinks (House of Fraser)

These caught my eye in House of Fraser, and as someone who loves coffee and chocolate, I really couldn’t resist! The box contains fifteen chocolate in four different themed coffee flavoured varieties. I know the box clearly states that there are fifteen chocolates, but when I opened the pack I couldn’t help but think the contents looked sparse.

Each chocolate is designed to look like a drink, and in order to achieve this they are tightly packed into a foiled wrapper, one that I found a little fiddly to open. Each chocolate has a very runny liquid centre, so I discovered they needed to be eaten carefully, ideally not bitten in half!
  • Toffee Macchiato – a very sweet toffee flavour liquid and sadly not much coffee
  • Espresso – I was expecting an intense coffee hit, but the overwhelming taste was sweetness and a little coffee
  • Cappuccino – I thought this was overly sweet with a vague hint of coffee
  • Vanilla Frappe – Very sweet and very similar to the Cappuccino variety
I felt the chocolate were a little sweet for my taste buds, and didn’t have the defined strong coffee flavour I would have liked. Having said that the quality of the exterior chocolate was good with its 55% cocoa and perhaps those with a (very) sweet tooth would enjoy them. If you’ve tried them before, please let me know what you thought.

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