1 December 2009

Burnt Sugar Fluffy Nougat with Caramel Ripples (WH Smiths)

I do quite like nougat but one of the things with it is that sometimes when you buy it you find it ends up being quite tough. This particular item was labelled as ‘fluffy’ which is why I had the temptation to purchase it.
Unfortunately though the caramel rippled inside the nougat must have toughened the overall texture, as I felt it was far from fluffy. Even opening the pack and trying to tease a piece out was difficult, and required a bit of tugging, never nice when you are trying to share! “Here have a squeezed and squashed misshapen cube of nougat, which I had to use force to free from the cube it was sitting next to.”
That aside the nougat looked beautiful, with its tiger stripes, and softened up with a bit of initial chewing. The flavour was gorgeous, rich sweet dark caramel mingling with the gentler nougat flavour, it really was quite impressive. Worth a purchase as the flavours provide such a nice combination, I just wish it was a bit softer!

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