23 December 2009

Shannon Milk Mouse (Aldi)

I think I have to start by saying just how cute these chocolates look. Each individually wrapped choccie is moulded into the adorable little mouse shape. This is another of my Aldi discoveries, and as I am new to the brand Shannon I hoped the chocolates tasted as well as they had been presented.
The milk chocolate is quite sweet, flavoursome but very smooth. Underneath it is a soft white filling that tastes nutty and creamy and rather delicious. I do love nut flavoured products, so I might be a little biased, but I found the filling rather lovely, I particularly liked that it had hazelnut pieces in it too.
The chocolates are quite sweet and rich, but I think the nutty tones balanced them quite well. I feel rather pleased with myself for buying two bags of these in the shop, as the first one didn’t last very long at all!

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