31 December 2009

KitKat Fruit and Vegetable Edition [Japan] (Cybercandy)

Well the other day I wrote about Ginger Ale Kit Kat, and promised you that I had stranger flavours to come. Well here we are, in front of me I have a vegetable flavoured Kit Kat. I’m not as excited as you might imagine about this find. In fact the prospect of eating it made me feel a little ominous. Last time I checked vegetable and chocolate were not a natural fit!
When I ordered this bar from Cybercandy, it was labelled as being a Vegetable Kit Kat, but I was relieved that on the packaging there were photographs of carrots and apples. These apples gave me hope that the bar might be a little tastier than I imagined.
Opening it up and the base chocolate is a white chocolate, but it appears a light orange in colour, I assume because of the carrot content. It smelt reassuringly pleasant. The aroma was very sweet and fruity, I could detect apple, peach and a gentle undertone of carrot.
The taste was really something else, there was defiantly apple present, a tiny hint of carrot and something that made the whole thing taste almost floral. The flavour was familiar but it took me a while to work out what it tasted similar too, and then it hit me it tasted like a Pear Drops edition of Kit Kat. It has that strange juicy flavour that Pear Drops have, that doesn’t quite taste of ‘pear’ but are inexplicably nice.
I really like Pear Drops, so the Kit Kat grew on me and I enjoyed it. It is quite a sweet bar though, so I don’t think I could eat too much in one sitting. There are two mini bars within the box, both individually wrapped and one of those makes for a nice serving.
This is not the end of my adventures with strange Kit at flavours, there are more to follow, some just as strange as this one!


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