17 December 2009

Snowy Balls [Milk Chocolate] (Marks and Spencer)

Well it has been a few days since I last did a Christmas related item, so I thought it was about time that there was something a little bit more Seasonal back at the top of the blog.
This items comes in a small sharing bag, and is called Snowy Balls, the idea being chocolate coated in a sugar shell and dusted with icing sugar. It reminded me of Cadbury's Snow Bites.
Despite it saying quite clearly on the front of the pack that the base chocolate is milk chocolate, I was still a little bit disappointed that it wasn’t white chocolate. I felt that that would have been more in keeping with the whole snow ball theme. Having said that, this product is not one which is lacking in sweetness by any means. The milk chocolate is sweet and creamy, and it is then coated in two different types of sugar!
These choccies are just a bit moreish, sweet and easy to eat. Great to pass round while watching a festive film or ideal tucked in a Christmas stocking. They do have a lovely novelty Christmas feel, and the icing sugar does add the necessary ‘snow’ cover!

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