5 December 2009

Rococo Artisan Bar - Cinnamon (Waitrose)

This bar isn’t officially a Christmas bar, but with its wonderful cinnamon spice, it really ought to be! I picked up this bar in Waitrose because I was aware that it had been quite a while since I last tried a Rococo bar, and as someone who loves cinnamon I thought that this was a must try.
The bar is made up of wonderful sweet creamy milk chocolate, with a good flavour of cocoa, and a rather well balanced dose of cinnamon. I thought it was nice to see a bar with cinnamon on its own and not mixed with other spices too, there is something very pleasing about the purity of the flavour.
It may not be an official seasonal bar, but it would be lovely being munched during the usual run of Christmas movies.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Sounds good...will have to pick a bar up when next in Waitrose.