11 December 2009

Crème Brulee Bar [Limited Edition] (Thornton's)

I think I would like to start by telling you all the positive things about this bar. There is a lovely thick creamy sweet filling, that tastes nice and sugary. Coating this is a lovely layer of milk chocolate that is also creamy and sweet and there are brown sugar crystals embedded in the chocolate adding even more sweetness and looking rather pretty.
The bar is sweet creamy and really very nice and enjoyable, I’d happily buy it again. But I hinted in my first sentence that there was a negative, and there is a tiny one. I don’t think it really tasted of Crème Brulee, it was missing that special something in the flavour, the whole burnt sugar and richness. I think that coating the bar in white chocolate may have helped with the richness and may well have made it that bit more authentic.
Put aside the flavour not completely matching expectations and you still have a wonderful new sweet bar in the Thornton’s seasonal range.

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