4 December 2009

Munchkins Winter Berry (Hotel Chocolat)

This is another seasonal purchase from that rather wonderful chocolatier Hotel Chocolat. Apparently the chocolate is grown by a British cocoa grower. I don’t think this means that the cocoa is grown in Britain, so it must mean a British person living abroad? I think I may be unclear as to the principal of labelling the pack in such a way, but I guess it isn’t worth worrying about.
Back to the product which consists of small balls of shortbread biscuit coated in a berry flavoured white chocolate. The biscuit inside adds a nice crunchy texture which makes them rather munchable. The chocolate on the outside is creamy enough for you to know you are eating good quality white chocolate, but the berry flavour also shines through. It tastes almost like forest fruits and is rather sweet and pleasant.
This pack would be ideal as a stocking filler, or nice to share. Either way once open the moreish nature of this item means it won’t be around for long!


Dreich said...

What type of berry is it?

cinabar said...

It really is a mixed fruit flavour... raspberries, black cherry and strawberry if I had to guess!