22 December 2009

Rademaker Blood Orange Milk Chocolate Pralines (Aldi)

I found these lovely looking chocolate sticks in Aldi, and thought that they might be some sort of Matchmaker type of product. In actual fact the chocolate sticks within the box are filled with a soft orange flavoured praline filling. The milk chocolate is moulded into a pretty twizzle shape which make them look rather nice.
The praline does have a strong but soft orange flavour, that I thought was really tasty. One of the people testing these choccies with me commented that they felt that the orange wasn’t quite sharp enough to be labelled as blood orange. I do agree with this, but still felt that the chocolates were fine even if the orange was not as zingy as it could have been. Overall the chocolate is well balanced and it makes for a moreish sharing treat.

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