2 December 2009

Orange Nice Spice Bar (Hotel Chocolat)

Hotel Chocolat certainly know how to present their chocolate, opening one of their items is never likely to disappoint. This rather beautiful bar is swirled one side with dark chocolate and orange coloured white chocolate, whereas the other side is dark and embedded into it are orange pieces. It certainly is a lovely looking bar.
The taste does not disappoint either, there is a good strong cocoa hit from the sumptuous 70% chocolate, the white chocolate and orange flavour and sweetness and a wonderful zesty taste too. What follows on the palette is the gentlest hint of warmth from the chilli, it is subtle, unmistakable but surely wouldn’t offend even those with delicate taste buds.
This is thoroughly yummy chocolate, and the warming sweet orange flavour does taste lovely and Christmassy too.

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