20 December 2009

Guinness Imports {via @Nli10} (Independent grocery store, Dudley Road, Birmingham)

Guinness Malta was introduced to me by a Nigerian friend at a party who was amazed that someone of vaguely Irish descent hadn't heard of this strange mixture of flavours. I drank some and it wasn't repulsive, but as I'd managed to find and review the malty Ovaltine biscuits I tracked these down too.

On the left we have the Guinness Malta itself, the cheaper canned variety. This is essentially a nice malty drink and non-alcoholic but with the taste of the Guinness stout mixed in. It's a bit like a more luxury Super-Malt. It's not bad but after about half a can any mere mortal begins to think that a more refreshing canned drink should have been purchased. Even Dr. Pepper.

It has more substance than your average canned drink though, and as a nice winter alternative it could be nice. My brain instinctively tells me that malt drinks should be warm so it isn't perfect.

The Guinness Foreign Extra is odd stuff. It's essentially the same as the Malta but alcoholic and with far more Guinness than Malt. It's also 7.5%!! I'm not a huge fan of regular Guinness, but this addition of the malty tang almost makes the drink sweeter and a lot smoother to taste. Like its more innocent younger brother it’s not a drink to be consumed fast for thirst quenching.

I recruited a 2nd reviewer with much more experience of Guinness drinking than myself and he said that "It hits you faster than ordinary Guinness" and “It's more bitter than I expected" but finished his bottle much faster than I did and moved onto other drinks.

In short these are well worth hunting down for fans of the Black Stout, but I don't think it's going to convert you if you prefer your drinks more transparent.

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