9 December 2009

Cadburys Mint Crisp After Dinner Bites (Morrison’s)

I found the concept behind this product a bit of a strange one. You have a meal, at the end of which you have dessert which could conceivably be cake, after which you may well have coffee and chocolate mints.
This box of goodies consists of bite sized pieces of chocolate mint cake. Where do they fit in? Are they the dessert or do they go with the coffee at the end of the meal? I think they might be a bit much as a second pudding (I’m just not convinced about serving mini cake after a slice of cake), but they are not substantial enough to be a main pudding either. I put my worries aside and had them with coffee in the middle of the day, I’m such a rebel.
To be honest the second you bite in, you will realise the very best time to eat these is - straight away! There is a layer of soft sponge, topped with a light fondant and mint crystals, all wrapped up in the usual lovely chocolate. The peppermint is of a decent strength, the fondant is ultra light and creamy, and those peppermint crystals add a lovely crunch.
The combination of textures was just spot on, as was the flavour, the chocolate and mint worked beautifully and these were just so easy to eat. Yummy, moreish, and I’ll definitely be buying more, even if I can’t work out when they are officially supposed to be eaten!

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