15 December 2009

KitKat Bunny Bar - Easter Edition [in December] (Newsagent)

I just wanted to start by wishing everyone a very “Happy Easter” and hope everyone has a good Easter holiday planned too. Or do we think it is too early for Easter wishes? Aren’t we in December? Don’t we still have Christmas ahead of us? Kit Kat don’t think it is too early! In fact their new bar states “Enjoy your Easter break” and doesn’t seem to be at all put off by the Christmas season!
Many thanks to DavidH who found this amazingly early Easter chocolate bar, and for very kindly sending one on to me. Thank you! Kit Kat have made an interesting move releasing an Easter bar this early, because it does draw attention to the fact that they never released a Christmas edition bar here in the UK and they just skipped ahead to the next holiday.
The bar is very cute though, the pack has a nice drawing of the Kit Kat Bunny, and the cartoon rabbit is also moulded into the chocolate inside. The bar itself seems to have thicker chocolate than on a regular Kit Kat, the expected wafer is present too, but I think the fondant layer is rather more generous than on a regular bar. Over all the bar tastes like an extra sweet and chocolaty Kit Kat and is rather nice! It would make for a lovely impulse treat, but might be more easily appreciated a little bit nearer April next year.


lindsay said...

i wonder if some store just had an old supply around. kit kat has had easter bars in the US for quite some years now, so who knows

cinabar said...

I thought the same thing, but it has a sell by of November 2010. I think they are just very early!