10 December 2009

Cloetta – Kex (Ikea)

This is another purchase made possible by that lovely Swedish food section in Ikea. Kex biscuits consist of layers of wafer, with a layer of chocolate coating. They are sold in a multi bag and individually wrapped, so would be quite well placed for an occasional snack or lunch box treat.
I liked the flavour of these as I thought mixed in with the sweet chocolate and wafer was a nutty almost praline like taste. The chocolate coating was quite thin, and it wasn’t too weak in flavour, but it did leave a sort of dryness about the biscuit. Having said that, the snack as a whole was pleasant tasting and fended off my chocolate craving. These biscuits are perfectly pleasant, but I wouldn’t make a special trip to Ikea just to replenish my stocks.

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