3 December 2009

Mr Kipling Special Edition Orange Slices (Asda)

It has to be said as Special Edition flavours go, ‘Orange’ doesn’t seem the most exciting flavour particularly at this time of year. I was hoping for some added cinnamon spice, or something that makes it that little bit extra special, and perhaps even Seasonal.
Not to worry though, as orange flavoured cake slices go these are rather tasty. The vanilla sponge is sweet creamy and full of that freshly baked sponge flavour. The striped icing provides the orange hit. It is well balanced, sweet, zesty and its flavour does not overpower the rest of the cake slice.
So all in all a well executed cake slice, with a lovely fresh flavour, but my only niggle is that they are not very Christmassy! I might just be being a bit picky on this one, and I do have to concede that overall the cakes do get a big thumbs up from me!

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