13 December 2009

Kinnerton Toy Story Advent Calendar { via @Nli10}

As far as budget advent calendars go Kinnerton seem to have the market sewn up, it was either this or 'ooh look - another Malteaser, what a surprise'. Toy Story is always a safe bet as the films are genuinely good, and Pixar wouldn't allow them to release a sub-standard product, right?


2.3g of Chocolate and no picture. Nothing.

If I'd bought this for a child (instead of for myself) I think that child would now be crying. That child would be convinced that Santa dislikes them and that Buzz and Woody are laughing at them. Granted the blank insides show that the calendar may be made from recycled cardboard and the child may draw a picture inside to make the calendar more exciting, but I dread to think of the number of Dec 1st refusing-to-go-to-school tantrums Kinnerton have singlehandedly caused.

The chocolates size and lack of flavour was also disappointing but an advent calendar with no noticeable pictures isn't really in keeping with the holiday spirit. The calendar does have 25 doors, but I'm not really sure who will be rushing downstairs on Christmas day to see what shade of brown is behind the last door when there are gifts to be opened. I will keep the site posted incase there are hidden surprises waiting to be found.

Next year I think I'll go for the Malteasers one after-all...

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paulham said...

Well, c'mon, what has Toy Story got to do with Christmas?
Stick to the old traditional calendars if you want the festive messages. ;)