24 December 2009

Smarties Penguin (Sainsbury’s)

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and hope you are enjoying the holidays! To celebrate the festive season I have found this rather Christmassy chocolate penguin.
He is a nestle penguin made of sweet milk chocolate and filled with Smarties. I do like the idea of having Smarties within the chocolate shell, it reminded me of how Easter eggs used to be, but perhaps it isn’t best to think about Easter just yet!
If you find this rather splendid Smarties Penguin in your stocking tomorrow, I’m sure it can’t help but make you smile.

Merry Christmas!!!


Dreich said...

Merry Christmas.

NLi10 said...

They are so cute that I'm betting lots wont get eaten and will live on shelves for weeks to come.

cinabar said...

These might well be reduced now it is post Christmas too!
Hope everyone had a good one, and is looking forward to new years.