16 December 2009

Innocent – Kiwis, Apples and Limes [Smoothie] (Sainsbury’s)

If you sit in that camp of people who really don’t like bananas, and avoid smoothies because of them, then I am pleased to announce a new banana free recipe. I actually like bananas, but I am aware that they do tend to be the major taste in most smoothies, even those that don’t bother to mention the fruit in the main section of the label.
Interestingly this smoothie does have its own unique taste, and its ingredients include spinach and nettle which were a little unexpected.
The drink is really very refreshing and zingy, and would be ideal on a hot summer’s day (sigh). The main taste that comes through is apple, and lime, followed by a surprisingly nice tang which tastes a little herby and I assume is the spinach/nettle concoction. The overall after taste is a lovely fresh kiwi flavour that gets left in the mouth. I thoroughly enjoyed this drink, I felt the fresh sharp flavours worked well, and the fact that it contains two of my five a day makes it a rather guilt free pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

cinabar said...

Thanks :-) Glad you are enjoying the blog.