8 December 2009

Cinnamon Liquid Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat)

I do like a soothing mug of hot chocolate from time to time, so it felt only right to try out Hotel Chocolat’s wintery sounding cinnamon variety. On the back on the pack it suggests that the best way to make the drink is using the hob, but that it could also be made in the microwave. I opted for the microwave method, which was a little harder, as the milk needed to be quite hot for the contents to melt, and I tried to avoid it boiling over. It did take a fair bit of persuasion to dissolve, more than other hot chocolates I’ve tried, but I found giving it a whisk with a frother finished it off nicely.
The taste was very different to what I was expecting. The drink wasn’t very sweet, but the cocoa gave a fantastic dark flavour. The cinnamon added a lovely warmth and spice, and the aftertaste was wonderfully nutty. I got used to the flavour very quickly, and thoroughly enjoyed the mug, but if it is a little too dark it would be easy enough to add a spoon of sugar to sweetened things up.
The drink has such lovely tones and serious cocoa flavours, that it is definitely worth the extra bit of stirring to make it. I’m certainly getting another tub of this for Christmas time!

1 comment:

cinabar said...

I have to say that I was very pleased that I own a milk frother as it helped in mixing this drink up.
I also wonder if making it on the hob would have been easier?

I like your idea for luxury cinnamon latte and will take your advice and give it a go!