12 December 2009

Skinny Topcorn Chocolate Crackle (Pret A Manger)

This bag of popcorn markets itself as a healthy alternative to crisps as an accompaniment to a sandwich. As it was the first time I’ve seen this popcorn in Pret, I thought I would give it a go.
I decided to have it with my lunch, but as it is a sweet product I ate it after my sandwich, sort of as a bit of a pudding back in the office. The popcorn is surprisingly white, but drizzled in streaks with a dark chocolate sauce and looks quite pretty. Surprisingly though the chocolate sauce streaks are really hard, and crunchy and shatter when you bite in. This is another product that fits into the category as a little bit too loud to eat in the office, am I the only one who thinks really loud crunchy food are a bit distracting for other people in a work situation?
In flavour the popcorn isn’t very sweet, but the chocolate does add a nice hint of cocoa and I enjoyed the bag, and it was quite moreish. It doesn’t taste rich, syrupy and naughty like other popcorn products, but it was still a tasty snack. I think I just need to stop being so self conscious about the crunching!

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

aaaww.. we don't have this here in the Philippines!! I hope we'd have it coz I wanna try.. i love popcorn!! :)