14 December 2009

Swiss Chocolate – Dark Mountain Bar (Marks and Spencers)

A little while back a reader contacted me asking about a Swiss make of chocolate called Freys, and asking if I knew where to purchase it. I did have a good look around my usual sources, i.e. department stores, pound shops, importers etc, but sadly I wasn’t able to offer much advice. I then got a reply from the reader saying that they had contacted Frey’s directly and found that they manufactured the Swiss bars for Marks and Spencers. So I thought it was about time I mention some M&S choccie on my blog, and this Swiss bar seemed to be a good place to start!

“Mountain Bar” seems to mean that the chocolate is very chunky, with awkward sized pieces, difficult to break and eat, and filled with bits of nougat, i.e. a Toblerone style chocolate bar! Joking aside, the bar isn’t that difficult to break, but the triangular chunks aren’t the optimal size for biting. That aside, and the chocolate within this bar is rather yummy, it has a lovely strong cocoa flavour, and is obviously of a high cocoa content. It is very smooth chocolate and it melts wonderfully on the tongue, and the rich chocolate flavours really come through. The nougat adds sweetness to it, and makes the chocolate wonderfully moreish and tasty. I was very impressed with this bar and look forward to trying more chocolate in the range.

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