18 December 2009

Lindt Snowdrops (Sainsburys)

This year's theme for Christmas chocolate snacks seems to be chocolate flavoured round shaped snacks. We've had Hotel Chocolat with Winter Berry flavour Munchkin balls, Marks and Spencer Snowy Balls and Cadbury's Snow Bites.
I’m certainly not complaining though as all of the above have been exceedingly nice. Lindt have followed suit and bought out milk chocolate Snow Drops.
Again I was a little disappointed to find milk chocolate and not white chocolate within a product that refers to ‘snow’ in its title. These choccies don’t make any effort to disguise themselves as being white and snowy, except with a light coloured shiny foil wrapper.
The chocolate themselves are really luscious, rich and creamy. The chocolate shell cracks and inside is a silky chocolate truffle, not dissimilar to Lindor eggs. It is safe to say I absolutely loved these!

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