6 December 2009

Thai Vegetable Crackers { via @Nli10} (Asda)

I like Thai food. I like the fragrances and the noodles and the tendency to throw everything in one big wok until it's safe to eat at which point it is considered 'ready'.

Usually the supermarkets like to try and up-sell me from this basic Thai experience by adding in little packages around the experience, like fresh lemongrass, more expensive noodle varieties and Thai style crackers. On most occasions this is highly unsuccessful, as these restaurant like additions tend to get in the way of the fantastic speed which one wok dishes can be prepared.

These Thai Vegetable Crackers had one important distinction, they were 25p. That's not a 'nearly gone off' discount or a special offer, this is a small bag designed for two people to have a small amount of cracker before the main event meal starts. And - importantly - they are vegetarian (or at least suitable for vegetarians) as they do not contain prawn extract for flavour like the Chinese version.

Flavour-wise these are quite nice, they taste faintly of Thai curry and have a nice little kick to them which sets the taste buds off. Surprisingly for an own store brand crisp style product the actual crisp is quite nice too and has a satisfying crunch to it.

As a little treat or in a bowl as part of a dinner party these would go down quite well - easily outdoing those £1+ bags of crackers you tend to see in supermarkets. Short of frying your own (which is good fun but time consuming) I'd say this is the best value Thai Cracker you are going to get at home.

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