21 December 2009

Tyrrells Welsh Rarebit Crisps (Nisa)

I really like Tyrrells crisps, and Welsh Rarebit is one of my favourite snack foods so I was quite pleased with myself for spotting these! I opened the pack up, took the aroma in and thought they smelt quite pleasant, there was a nice grilled cheese scent.
I split the large bag up amongst the testers, and pinched a crisp off one of the plates before giving them out. The initial taste was of that grilled cheese flavour, and just as I was starting to think that they tasted quite nice the secondary flavour kicked in. I assume it was meant to be a Worcestershire sauce/mustard concoction, but the only taste I could possible say it was similar to was, well there really is no nice way to put it, vomit. Obviously I tried one more just to make sure it really was as bad as I thought it was, but I’m afraid it was. It was such a strange taste, sharp, sour, and I felt they were not very nice. I just did not like these at all. The other taste testers were also unimpressed, so I’m afraid I have to give these a thumbs down. I will be sticking to the other Tyrrells flavours!

1 comment:

Spectre said...

Yeah, I tried some of these the other day. Nice hit of cheese to start with, then a horrid puke flavour! Strange, I usually love Tyrrells... what went wrong here?