29 December 2009

Ginger Ale Kit Kat [Japan] (Cybercandy)

This is just another little bit of proof for you that we in the UK miss out on all interesting flavours of KitKat available abroad, particularly in Japan. To be honest I placed an order with Cybercandy for a couple of other flavours too, and Ginger Ale KitKat was by far the least strange, you will have to keep your eyes out for my write-ups of the other weird flavours!
The KitKat is made up with white chocolate coating the usual wafer. It smells wonderfully sweet with a really good tone of ginger mixed in. Despite the aroma, the prominent taste of this bar is actually lemon which I found quite surprising. There were sharp zingy soft lemon crystals mixed in throughout this bar which worked really well with the white chocolate, and made the bar rather refreshing. I wonder if these lemon crystals are supposed to add the fizz to a soft drink flavour bar. Ginger is present too, but it is rather mild but it does leave a nice warmth in the mouth.
This Kitkat was really refreshing, and I loved the zingy flavour, and I would definitely repurchase. I so wish we could have a few more KitKat flavours on proper UK release.


Chocchick said...

What an original idea! I've had a few people ask me for ginger on white and milk chocolate recently so maybe adding lemon is the next stage? Will have to visit Cybercandy!!

cinabar said...

Lemon, ginger and white choc work lovely together... quite a summery combination though.

Katie said...

Looks ace. I always like crystallised ginger with white choc/ yoghurt coating... its a good combo. If I ever went to Japan I would take an extra case, just to bring back loads of strange chocolate.

Rodzilla said...

thought this bar tasted ok initially, but it left an aftertaste that was somewhat unpleasant.

cinabar said...

Katie - If I went to Japan I'm sure I would have trouble explaining that the chocolate was "for personal consumption only" at customs on the way back... lol

Rodzilla - I quite liked the spicy after-taste... looking forward to trying some of the other strange flavours I picked up.