1 January 2010

Dairy Milk Cadbury’s Bunnies (WH Smiths)

First things first... Happy New Year!!! I hope 2010 brings everything you wish for, and ideally one or two new interesting products for me to write about!

What’s the best way to start this fine new year, how about with an Easter product! This is a similar product to the Kit Kat Bunny in that it is an Easter related mini chocolate treat.
This Caramel Bunny is made with a thick helping of finest Dairy Milk, and a generous filling of gooey caramel. Scrummy, and rather sweet to look at too!

PS Cadbury’s Creme Eggs are officially back in the shops!


  1. I cant believe Easter stuff is out already! Happy New Year.

  2. 2 pack implies sharing... Bet not many of these get shared!

    Happy New year!!

  3. I had heard earlier today that easter chocolates were out in shops. I thought they were joking. I do love creme eggs though.

    Those rabbits do look rather tasty, think I'll have to try those but I assume they just taste like a bit caramel bar chunk?

  4. Great find Cin! Can't wait to find them myself!

  5. Malteaser Malteasters are out now also. Only place i can find them is One Stop. Although at work(Sainsburys) we have them in the warehouse.

  6. Katie - I'm yet to see Easter Eggs proper in the shop, but when I do, I'll let you know! Couple of weeks I reckon! Particularly as these mini Easter products have launched so early.

    NLi10 - I was clever, I bought multiple packs to share... generous, but I STILL got two bunnies to myself!

    Dreich - yep, these are just Cadbury's Caramel bar in flavour, rather nice though.

    Jim - spotted them in Superdrug today too if you are still looking. If you can't find any soon, let me know, I'll post you one!

    Nick - Malteaser MaltEaster's were great last year, glad they are making a come back. Haven't seen any myself, but my eyes are open. Any gossip on any other new Easter goodies in the warehouse waiting to appear?

  7. We spotted MaltEasters in our local Morrisons just the other day, so they are around.

  8. Spotted MaltEasters in Waitrose too now... Easter is clearly on its way!

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  10. Again, happy to have helped Anon, can I ask what you assignment was?


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