2 January 2010

Cracker Drinks – Pineapple, Guava and Lime (Morrisons)

I have to say that the brand Cracker is new to me, and not one I’ve seen in my usual supermarket haunts. According to the website they are also stocked by Asda, but not my local branch.
The flavours within the drink seemed like such a nice combination and I thought it would make a refreshing treat in the New Year. I have to say it was actually sharper than I thought it would be, and it seemed to have an apple edge, despite not containing any. The lime shone through, and there was a gentle sweetness, but the slightly tart flavour would make it a perfect refreshing drink for a nice hot summer’s day. Sadly it is sleeting here, but roll on the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

A new brand to me as well. I picked up two cartons in Waitrose where they had an offer running. The other one was mango and passionfruit.

I thought the pineapple, guava and lime was very good. Not sure they're great value for money at £1.19 for a 750ml carton. Puts them in the category of "things I'll buy when I see them on special".


cinabar said...

Yes, they are quite pricey, but nice as a treat... or as you say keep an eye out for the special offers.