7 January 2010

Multiflake, Cranberry & Sultana Cereal Bars (Marks & Spencer)

Firstly I was impressed when I first took these out of the box by just how substantial and chunky they felt. They looked a little bit wider too than most cereal bars, which added to this feel.
Essentially the bar consists of cranberries, seeds and cereals all on a yoghurt base. The bar had a lovely range of textures, as there is a good selection of grains, sunflower seeds etc. The fruit was so much more than just cranberries and sultanas, the bar was very fruity and moist, and had dates mixed in too. The flavour was lovely and sweet because of the fruit contents, but also had a lovely after taste including sweetness from honey and from the yoghurt coating, there was also gentlest hint of salt.
I have to say I was rather impressed by these bars, it has a good combination of fruit and seeds, and a good full flavour.

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