24 January 2010

Cherry Vimto (Pound World)

It isn’t often that there is new flavour of Vimto, it is a flavour in its own right. For those that don’t know, it is a mixed fruit flavour drink with blackcurrant, grapes and raspberries, and is fames for being purple in colour.
I guess cherry does seem like a natural idea for a new edition, as it does seem to be the done thing. We have Cherry Coke, Diet Cherry Coke, Cherry 7-Up, Lucozade Cherry and Cherry Tango, so someone somewhere thinks cherry is the way to go.
This drink has a wonderfully strong cherry smell, in fact from the scent alone you would think it was pure cherryade in the bottle. In taste it is clearly the Vimto mixed fruit formula with a heavy dose of sweet but sharp cherries, and it worked really well. I enjoyed the combination, and thought the drink was lovely. It would be nice to see a Sugar-Free edition of Cherry Vimto too though.

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