18 January 2010

Ferrero Pocket Coffee [Espresso] (Germany)

I was recommended these chocolates by someone at work, who had managed to try an Italian version. My dad very kindly hunted down a box for me on a recent trip to Germany. It seems the rest of Europe is allowed to indulge. It strikes me as being a bit odd that these aren’t available to buy in the UK as they are made by Ferrero (of Ferrero Rocher fame) and consist of a simple combination of chocolate and coffee.
Well, when I say simple, they really are something special. They are the same shape and size as Ferrero Mon Cherri (which do become available in the UK at Christmas time) but sadly I have never seen this variety before in England. The chocolate is wonderfully dark, with a very runny liquid centre. Do not bite one in half, they are filled to the rim with Espresso and burst when you eat them! The flavours are intense, dark, rich but with just enough sweetness and a wonderful coffee kick. These chocolates are heavenly, and have a decent amount of pick-me-up caffeine if you need a boost.
If you like your chocolate dark, and your coffee strong then these are the perfect product for you. Ferrero would be really spoiling us if they added these to the UK line up.


Unknown said...

Man I did like these when I tried them. We have a shocking lack of coffee flavoured chocolates in the UK don't we.

cinabar said...

It is true... and such a shame too. Lindt Intense Coffee is rather good, and that is about all we get. Have you reviewed that Lindt one Jim?

Just noticed Cybercandy have started stocking Pocket Coffee, if anyone is looking for them.

NLi10 said...

These were quite common in Croatia in the gift boxes. Found some in the normal everyday boxes eventually and got them for @papacyofEvil . Still sitting in the snack pile though!

cinabar said...

Suspect @papacyofEvil will love them. So many people have been telling me that this is one of the things they always make sure they pick up from Europe as they are just so good! Come on Ferrero make this the year they get a UK release.

Anonymous said...

still waiting :/