11 January 2010

Sliced Medium Cheddar with Red Bells Peppers (Sainsbury’s)

This item may not have the most inspirational packaging in the world, but it is the contents that matters. Regular readers will know that one of my favourite quick snack foods is cheese on toast, and this item looks perfect for the job. Within the pack are slices of cheddar, packed with pieces of red bell pepper for flavour.
It actually bubbled surprisingly quickly under the grill and went a pleasing toasty brown in places without too much persuasion.
I was a little bit worried that the pepper might be completely overpowering, as there seems to be so much red in each slice of cheese. I was pleased to discover that the flavours were really well balanced. The cheese was still lovely and tasty with an almost mature flavour and it had that grilled taste that I love too. The pepper taste is sweet and well defined and complements the cheese perfectly.
This is lovely cheese, probably nice in a sandwich too, but mine will all be going under the grill!


Katie said...

You can buy this kinda stuff on most supermaket delis as Mexicana cheese. could it be cheaper that way? Its really tasty melted.

cinabar said...

I always perceive the deli counter to be more expensive, but I will have a look and compare prices.

I should get a little more experimental with my cheese on toast.