6 January 2010

Walkers Cheddar Cheese and Bacon crisps (Waitrose)

I take it Walkers releasing new flavours of crisp, means that the ‘Turkey & Stuffing’ Christmas edition will be disappearing until the festive season hits again. Not to worry, it is rather nice to see some new varieties in the shops.
These crisps have the usual Walkers texture and feel, a fairly thin cut crisp which breaks up and crunches pleasingly in the mouth. The taste is definitely reminiscent of Walkers Smokey Bacon, which is certainly not a bad thing! The saltiness is countered by a pleasant cheese taste mixed in, I’m not sure I could detect that it was specifically Cheddar but it still did the job nicely.
Bacon and Cheese do go well together, and this new flavour from Walkers is a success in my book too. Well worth seeking out, particularly if you like Walkers Smokey Bacon. It is a good combination of flavours, and I’m already looking forward to enjoying the other bags in the multi-pack.

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