16 January 2010

Nong Shim Cuttlefish Flavoured Snack (International Shop, Birmingham University)

Oh my, I opened the bag and smelt the contents, and it was ever so slightly strong. Imagine the strongest fish / prawn cocktail aroma in the world! Let’s use the term pungent! It was disappointing then to actually tuck in and realise that they are rather weak in taste.
The snacks are wheat based, and consist of a wafer style bubble, with a mild prawn cocktail flavour, without the sweetness. They don’t have the best flavour as they don’t have the depth of taste that they could have, there is no magic x-factor. The texture is nice though, each one melts in the mouth and is very light but crunchy. The flavour that is there is perfectly pleasant, but it is a long way off being wow as it tastes muted.
Explain to me then how when sharing this bag with a friend, we were practically fighting over who got the last one, they were incredibly moreish. A quick scan of the ingredients label revealed the potential answer, “Flavor Enhancer 621”, that would be then the MSG then.


NLi10 said...

It's the Umami - super-tasty gets you every time!

Anonymous said...

I love these things! They are super-addictive though. They sell them in the asian section of Asda in Corby, my home town.

cinabar said...

I have to say - they are addictive - we were almost fighting over them. Such a shame that the International Shop where we got these from has now closed. :-(