25 January 2010

Milka Raspberry Cream [Limited Edition Cocoa Pleasure] (Germany)

This is another limited edition Milka bar for the New Year. There is the usual Milka milk chocolate, but this bar is filled with a cocoa and raspberry soft cream. My favourite Milka Chocolate is actually Milka Cream, as I love the smooth soft texture of the chocolate and the way that it so easily melts in the mouth. This chocolate has a similar consistency, and does not disappoint.
The filling also has a lovely sweet fresh fragrant raspberry flavour mixed in, that is well balanced with the milk chocolate. It is a very flavoursome bar, and the raspberry complements the milk chocolate rather than overpowers it. Just another of the wonderful flavours of Milka available abroad which hasn’t yet made it to the shelves of the UK.


Susie said...

Hi cinabar,
I live in Germany - so if you should need your supplies to be restocked =)
(As I don´t want to post my email address here in the comments section - I am a regular follower of your blog, so just a hint will be necessary and I will contact you..)

cinabar said...

Hi Susie
Wow - that is so kind of you to offer. My dad travels with work, and goes to Germany a few times a year, and I always get him to check out the Milka bars for me.
I just love Milka chocolate, and we get so few here in the UK, it is very limited. Still even the basic flavours we have now (nut, caramel) weren't available a couple of years back, so things are improving.
If you do want to get in touch, my email address is: admin@foodstufffinds.co.uk
All the best,