29 January 2010

Elizabeth Hurley: Orange and Cranberry Fruit Bar (Selfridges)

I am relieved to start this write-up by saying that this bar looks fairly normal under its wrapper. After discovering the slightly gory Strawberry and Cherry edition, I did wonder what I would find when I opened this, but thankfully inside was a slightly too soft golden fruit bar with cranberries pressed into it.
It was similar to the strawberry version though in that this too was far too sweet. There is a sharp taste of orange, natural though like orange juice followed by a yummy cranberry kick. This bar may be a bit overpowering for some, but I enjoyed the strong juicy flavour. I thought it was a bit like eating jam from the jar with a spoon, nice but a flavour overload all the same. Actually the consistency of this bar is such that it isn’t much thicker than jam - bet it is damn good spread on toast!

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