22 January 2010

Cocoa Deli: Rocky Road Clusters (Waitrose)

I have to say I did have a fair bit of fear when I got this bar home that I had broken it, as I noticed that the bar felt a little bit more bendy than it should have! When I opened the pack I was pleased to discover that this isn’t a chocolate ‘bar’ at all, and there are actually three chocolate chunks inside the packaging.
Each piece is packed with all sorts of wonderful goodies, from mallow, to fruit and nuts. The milk chocolate coating is pleasantly sweet, and I really liked the mix of textures and flavours. A fun sweet chocolate product, that is rather nice to munch. However I fear that as the contents are neatly split into three, others may expect you to share!


  1. oooh I do like a rocky road. M&S do a nice one. Ever tried making your own? SOOOOO easy... just melted choc and marshmallows/biscuit bits/ raisins whatever you have. Yum!

  2. I'll have to give that a try! Could even add some corn flakes for texture. mmmm

  3. Got some of these for christmas in a fair size cardboard carton - abit disappointed to find the carton only contained 7 pieces but they were very nice

  4. Its like the bar really - looks bigger than it is... :-/


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