5 January 2010

Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Eggs (Waitrose)

This isn’t very clear on the photograph, but I feel this needs mentioning. On the foil on this product it says Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Eggs. If I was to have purchased a Cadbury’s Creme Egg, it would be one egg, and the packaging refers to it as an ‘Egg’.
I only purchased one Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Egg, so I call for them to remove the extra ‘s’. I don’t know why the ‘s’ bothers me so, but I feel better having shared the fact that it does, so now onto the product itself.
The chocolate shell, is the usual creamy, silky, sweet galaxy chocolate. It has a generous shell, but still breaks easily enough when bitten in to. The caramel inside is dark and rich, and has a good sweetness. The flavour isn’t as well defined as Cadbury’s Caramel, but it is certainly still of a good quality. This item provides a decent chocolate hit, and the caramel filling is thick and flavoursome, so it was a very enjoyable egg(s).


Anonymous said...

It's so crazy that easter chocolate is already in the shops, I haven't even got started on the chocolates I got for christmas!

cinabar said...

I'm getting on well with my Christmas choc!
I am yet to find a full size Easter egg in the shops, but I doubt it will be long before they hit the shelves.

Anonymous said...

They had them in Costco a few days ago - mini eggs, maltesers, buttons, etc. I was tempted but I was good!