4 January 2010

Spiced Chai Light [Drink Me Chai] (Waitrose)

I think I have mentioned on here before about how in recent months I have become much more open to different varieties of teas. I have particularly grown to like spiced teas and Chai is a favourite.
This product caught my eye because unlike my usual tea bags, this is a sachet of contents that you simply mix with hot water. The milk powder within the pack means that it would have a more authentic milky Indian Tea consistency.
I found the product quite hard to mix up. It didn’t seem at all convinced about dissolving in water, and I have to give the contents a bit of a whisk with a fork.
Once made, I really liked the flavour. The drink was milky, sweet and wonderfully aromatic. It made a lovely warming drink that had a good depth of flavour with the spices, and was very enjoyable. The last sip wasn’t so pleasant though. The very last mouthful of this fine drink consisted of all the sediment that had failed to dissolve and I ended up with a gritty texture in my mouth. It was a shame to finish on such a note, as the tea itself had been very pleasant until that point.

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