10 January 2010

Leibniz Peanut Delight {via @Nli10} (Webbs Garden Centre - nr. Bromsgrove)

From the picture on the bag these seem quite a sophisticated little snack. Take the biscuit base of the Choco-Leibniz biscuits that are popular enough to be sold at Tesco (but 1/3rd of the price in Lidl and Aldi) and add caramelised peanuts for something a little different.
The reality is a little more haphazard in that it's biscuits with peanuts stuck to them. The caramel only really exists to make sure that only a few peanuts fall off, and add a bit of a crunch to the whole thing.
And oddly, it works! It's like a chocolate free Snickers bar, with all of the other flavours intensified. They are small enough (about a £2 coin size) that you can happily eat a good few before sealing the bag back up. They have the sweetness of the biscuit and the savoury of the caramel-roasted peanuts and seem to tick all the boxes for me.
At £1.99 they aren't cheap (buying food from garden centres over Xmas in the UK is always a pricey thing to do) they do seem to be lasting well. I can imagine them going down really well as a snack food in a bowl at a party, replacing the nuts as a much tidier alternative.
I'm now sure that the brief presented to the designers of the packet was 'make these look as good as they taste' and I think they succeeded.

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