28 January 2010

Kellogg's Krave [Chocolate Hazelnut] (Waitrose)

It isn’t often you see a new breakfast cereal on the market. Sure there are the impressive variations of the same products Cocoa Pops - Rocks, Weetos – Meteors etc, but not a whole new item. More to the point, a whole new item which contains both chocolate and hazelnut, my two favourite breakfast ingredients.
Inside the box are pillow shaped small cereal rectangles filled with a chocolate hazelnut soft centre. Each item is surprisingly golden in colour, and rather appetising. I added the necessary milk and waited a few moments. They maintained their crunch rather well, and the filling was absolutely lovely. It was similar to chocolate nut spreads you can buy, such as Nutella. Despite the fact that the product didn’t officially contain any, I also thought there was the subtlest aftertaste of peanut. I’m not complaining, in fact it may have been wishful thinking.
All in all I thought these were a great new product, and thoroughly recommend them. They meet my essential requirements for a breakfast cereal i.e. contain chocolate and exceeded my expectations - by containing nuts too!


Anonymous said...

these are very nice try making them all chocolate even the crispy bit so that the milk turns chocolatey call it double choc

cinabar said...

What a great idea! Never have enough chocolate if you ask me. :-)

cinabar said...

Everything seems to take ages to make it over here!