27 January 2010

Elizabeth Hurley: Strawberry and Cherry Organic Fruit Bar (Selfridges)

As I said last week when I tried the Banana and Chocolate variety, I have more of these Elizabeth Hurley bars to try. Next up on the list is this Strawberry and Cherry edition. I unwrapped the pack, and couldn’t help but think that this was one ugly looking bar! Seriously, I thought it looked like a dog chew, only it was too soft. For some reason the blood red nature of the bar and its squishy texture momentarily triggered a squeamish nerve. Thankfully, appearances aside, it smelt fruity and sweet, so I proceeded.
I was very glad that I did. The bar is very soft, too soft in fact; it isn’t far off being able to spread it on toast. In flavour though, it was a pleasure for the taste buds. It is a very sweet, predominantly strawberry, with a sharp strong aftertaste of cherry. The flavour could easily make it as a children’s sweet, it is in no way shy when it comes to flavour.
I could see why some people may dislike this bar, its appearance is unappetising and it is almost as if there is too much taste. To be honest, I put aside how it looked and I loved the full sweet juicy flavour. But then, I have a very sweet tooth!

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