15 January 2010

Sweet Potato Kit Kat (Cybercandy)

What a strange item this is, and for a number of reasons. Firstly sweet potato and chocolate seem like an unlikely combination and secondly I would like to make a comment on the multi pack bag. The contents are half white chocolate sweet potato Kit Kats, and the other half are regular Kit Kats. It strikes me that the kind of person who wants to purchase whacky flavours might not be that interested in the regular bars, but it is the only way they are sold.
Buy six sweet potato ones, and you have to have purchase seven ordinary ones at the same time. Anyway I shall stick to writing about the stranger of the two varieties within the bag.
The sweet potato Kit Kat consists of the usual wafer, with the vegetable filling and a coating of flavoured white chocolate.
The most overwhelming thing that springs to mind when you try this Kit Kat is the sweetness. I thought it was almost sickly in its flavour, and then there is this strange after taste. I didn’t think it was that reminiscent of sweet potatoes, but it did remind me of regular baked jacket potatoes. To be honest I have never felt the temptation to mix potato and sugar, so I didn’t think it worked at all really. My taste buds where completely unconvinced by the taste. I felt it was too sweet and a bit weird, but perhaps worth a try for the novelty value.

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