12 January 2010

More Nuts [Limited Edition Snickers] (Sainsbury’s)

Snickers is one of the staples in the chocolate bar world, it has all the right ingredients for a undeniably tasty bar. Peanuts, caramel, soft nougat and milk chocolate. When I first saw this bar, it took me a second to realise that this wasn’t a regular Snickers, the packaging is rather similar, and I didn’t notice the change in name ‘More Nuts’ straight away. I love nuts in chocolate and fail to see how adding more of them could ever be a bad thing!
The increase in nuts is only 10% extra, but despite this the bar is noticeably chunkier, and tastes a little bit more salty and nutty. This is a good thing, it made the bar feel (even more) filling, tasty, and substantial. I would be quite happy is they left Snickers like this, as the balance of flavours is wonderfully improved. Mr. T says so too, and he can’t be wrong!

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