13 January 2010

Chocca Mocca Real Strawberries in white Chocolate (Waitrose)

I realise that white chocolate and strawberry sounds like a summer edition bar, so I shall forget the snow outside and indulge.
The pieces in this bar are really very chunky, surprisingly so. The flavours are quite delicate, and it feels quite wrong to have huge difficult to bite chunks of chocolate. This is really a minor issue though; the flavours and the chocolate itself are lovely. The white chocolate is creamy and flavoursome and the strawberry adds a sweet fruity flavour that works really well. There is a generous amount of strawberry too, and it looks pretty gleaming through the chocolate in pinks and reds.
I closed my eyes for a second eating this bar, and the flavours mingled on my taste buds, I could picture sunshine and Wimbledon on the telly, heaven. Then I opened my eyes, and remembered it was still winter. Perfect chocolate for those looking for a little escapism! It might not fix the weather, but for the time you spend eating this chocolate, you just won’t care.

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