17 January 2010

Dessert Pocky, Orange flavour {via @Nli10} (Japan)

A search for Pocky on this blog reveals the variety of flavours we have tried so far. Many of these are the traditional ones, but just occasionally a strange packet will make it to these shores containing one of the more exotic flavours. I received a parcel with three such flavours in from Cinabar - the first of which we'll look at today. The box contains 4 individual packets of three sticks each.

As with the previous Desert Pocky the name is in Japanese, but the symbol given is that of an Orange so given that I can't think of any actual named deserts that are based around oranges I shall just call them Orange Desert Pocky.

As with the previous entries into this range they are on the fatter breadsticks which somehow are less satisfying than the normal sticks as they don't snap as well. You do get far more fondant chocolate coating to compensate for this and as with the other options in the range this is soft and full of flavour. The main flavour that is present is a mild orange, and pretty much like the milk-chocolate orange we get here in the UK, only softer in texture.

While enjoyable as a snack, these three piece packets are much more of an indulgence than regular Pocky. The flavour neither zings like the normal fruit Pocky or glides off the palate like the regular chocolate ones and sits in the middle somewhere, you aren't going to eat the whole pack while out and about. They are however a great comfort food and while sitting at home avoiding coursework I ate a three finger pack quite happily.

I'd still like to find the normal-size-but-orange-coloured Tangerine Pocky, will have to hunt online.

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